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Practical information

Where does the Trade Fair Rijswijk take place? What time does it start? We have listed all the information for you as an exhibitor and visitor.


Where does Trade Fair Rijswijk take place?
Trade Fair Rijswijk takes place this year at the event venue the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.

Address: Volmerlaan 12, 2288 GD Rijswijk
What are the opening hours?
  • Wednesday, 16 March: 09.00-17.00 hours
  • Thursday 17 March: 09.00-16.00 hours
Where can I park?
You can park for free in the immediate vicinity (Plaspoelpolder office park). In addition, De Broodfabriek has a parking garage and a car park right next to the main entrance.
How can I register as a visitor?
At the moment, you cannot register yet. This will follow soon.