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Discover the novelties of Beauty Plants at Trade Fair Rijswijk

Published: February 28, 2024
In seven years, Beauty Plants has grown to become one of the biggest contenders for the popular Mandevilla. In addition, the company is regularly in the spotlight with new products. What is their secret and what can we expect at Trade Fair Rijswijk? We ask co-owner Stef Koene (right).

The nursery is located in Maasland, near the edge of the Westland region. There, Stef and his brother Tim focus on growing three varieties: the Mandevilla, the Kangaroo Paws and the Camellia. The company is known for being innovative and doesn't shy away from experimentation. How do they stay so innovative?

Drivers of innovation, with a passion for marketing
Stef: "We are quite stubborn. We make choices based on our own feelings. If we believe in something, we dare to commit to it. That may be a certain cultivation method or a certain product. Then the trick is to market that product well. Marketing is naturally important in this respect, and that is where our passion lies. I think it is also one of our strongest points."

"In addition, we have built up a good connection with breeders, improvers, cross-breeders over the years. We believe in the power of cooperation. Moreover, it helps that our employees are very sharp. If they see something striking in the crop, it's on our desk in no time. Together, we always keep our eyes open. It is not for nothing that an eye is handled in our logo: always keen on innovation." With that in mind, Beauty Plants is also coming to Trade Fair Rijswijk with a new booth.

New products at Trade Fair Rijswijk
And we can also expect new things at Trade Fair Rijswijk, such as a new pot size in the kangaroo paws, Stef says. ''We are going to introduce pot size 19. We are positioning this more as an outdoor plant, while our P12 is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The P19 will be available from about week 24 to week 36. In addition, we are coming out with a new size Mandevilla, pot size 20. It is a large shrub, which you can put on the table as a ready-made product. It's grown in a tall, sturdy Elho pot. And there is even more fun in the pipeline: we are going to market Echinacea in pot size 17. We are going to position it in a nice summery way, in a ton-sur-ton pot with a nice label. But the Trade Fair Rijswijk is still a little too early for that."

Curious about Beauty Plants' novelties? Come to Trade Fair Rijswijk and visit stand 5.8. Admission is free, just register below.