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Boomkwekerij Cees Koemans presents new concept at Trade Fair Rijswijk

Published: January 31, 2024

At Trade Fair Rijswijk, the trade fair for everything associated with indoor, garden and patio plants, several exhibitors will be presenting new products and concepts. One example is 'The Living Garden Flower Mix' by Boomkwekerij Cees Koemans (Cees Koemans Tree Nursery).

Casper Hoogervorst of Boomkwekerij Cees Koemans talks more about this. "We are seeing a growing interest in sustainability and biodiversity among consumers, but also among farmers. Planting borders and plot borders with summer flowers, which attract many insects, is a great way to promote biodiversity."

However, for most summer flower mixes to be sown, it takes up to 2-3 weeks for them to germinate, he explains. "And sometimes the flowers that emerge from it grow up to one and a half metres tall. This is not always practical. With our concept, we take the sowing out of your hands: the seeds are already germinated into small plants. That saves a lot of time. We have self-sown samples at our nursery and we have exclusively selected varieties that do not grow taller than 25 to 55 centimetres. This is a lot more compact, so they fit perfectly in a small garden or border."

25 different types of flowers
The tray consists of well-rooted 'plugs', with each plug containing five different flowers. "This allows us to offer a wide range of 25 varieties. In doing so, you create about a 1m2 planting area or a 2.5-metre border with summer flowers in the short term. An additional benefit is that weeds are given less chance to grow."

There is a colourful cover around the tray with information about the flower species inside, in Dutch, German or English. If required, companies can also customise the edge of the tray with their own logo. Where can we find this product shortly? Casper: "It is still new, so we’re not totally sure about that yet, but is there already interest. Our nursery supplies wholesalers, and eventually, the aim is to have the product in supermarkets or DIY stores, for example, at the checkout as a ‘convenience product'."

He adds that summer flowers are susceptible to frost. “So, we recommend planting in late spring (the period around 11 to 15 May), when no night frost usually occurs. This is just right for Mother's Day, which falls on 12 May this year. Thus, The Living Garden Flower Mix might serve as a nice Mother's Day gift."

Come to Trade Fair Rijswijk
Want to know more about this concept? Boomkwekerij Cees Koemans (stand number 3.15) can be found at Trade Fair Rijswijk. The trade fair will take place on 13 and 14 March 2024 at De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.