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Amigo Plant

Amigo Plant presents new product at Trade Fair Rijswijk

Published: February 16, 2024

Amigo Plant already won the prestigious Novelty Award of IPM Essen with the Aloe Medivera®, an exclusive variant of the traditional Aloe Vera. The plant can be admired at Trade Fair Rijswijk, but there is more news: at this fair Amigo Plant will present another novelty!

Innovation is therefore the spearhead of the family business from Heerhugowaard, says Jacco Huibers, who enjoys working there. "We are especially busy with the expansion and innovation of the assortment /range of succulents, or succulents, which store water in the leaves. We crossbreed and breed varieties, and this is how Medivera® was eventually created evolved from the traditional Aloe Vera."

More resistant to disease and environmental factors

Aloe Vera is known for its medicinal and soothing properties, but the natural product was never developed to last in the living room, he continues. "Starting in 2016, we have been working on breeding the plant to make it sturdier and more resistant to diseases and environmental factors, such as transportation and varying light conditions. The plant can simply have more. In addition, the diversity is greater: we have a green, a light and a variegated variety. And to top it all off, the Medivera® can also blossom," Jacco says enthusiastically.

Another novelty at Trade Fair Rijswijk

Amigo Plant currently only delivers to Dutch garden centres and Cash & carry's, and is slowly expanding this. "That's why the trade fairs are important for us: this way we ensure more publicity and moreover it's a nice moment to surprise customers and announce new products. Because also for Trade Fair Rijswijk we have another first. It concerns a new variety of Cotyledon, the Elephant Trunk℗. I would say: be sure to come by and see it!"

Visit the trade fairs

Curious about the Medivera® and the Elephant Trunk℗? Visit Trade Fair Rijswijk on March 13 and 14, 2024! Admission is free, just register using the form below.